Delivering Aid to Ukraine

From 3/28/22 to 4/1/22 a group of volunteers traveled to Ukraine to deliver critically needed humanitarian items and financial support. A total of 108 suitcases were flown from the US with donated medical and protective items urgently needed on the front lines. Our group was able to see first-hand the grassroots humanitarian operation that is evacuating people from hotspots while delivering humanitarian aid and food to people who have been sheltering from bombings in their homes for many weeks.

We met with our partners in Rivne, Lviv, Turka and Hmelnitsk who are receiving refugees and transporting aid to the most critical areas– where people need food, water and medical supplies for survival. The Humanitarian Hub in Rivne alone has executed 97 individual routes to Central and Eastern Ukrainian cities, delivering aide and evacuating people to the Western part of the country.

Your continued financial support helps us purchase food, medicine and fuel to help support the ongoing effort of these humanitarian convoys.

-Brook of Hope