Containers to Ukraine


Ukraine has been under attack for over a month. People are fighting to survive, lacking the most basic necessities. We collected, sorted, put on pallets, and NOW loaded into containers collected items. Containers travel by ship to Poland, then by land to Ukraine

We have already sent out 3 containers, loaded on March 10th and 11th

·     578 boxes of food

·     728 boxes of clothing

·     147 boxes of medical supplies

·     144 boxes of hygiene items

·     337 boxes of baby items

·     120 boxes of other goods

·     105,514 TOTAL pounds of Aid

These containers should arrive in Poland on the 5th of April and be in Ukraine around 15th of April.

5 more containers will be loaded, likely March 24th and 25th. These should arrive in Poland around April 29th.

-Brook of Hope